October 17, 2006

This One's For Lissa!

Lissa Loo says I need to post something New! What's up with that??? Doesn't she know how hard I work every day of the week trying to get kids WANT to learn something?? Some days I think I would rather run over my own foot with a car than go back to work. Seriously, it is fun for me to come home and read everyone's else's blogs and see the pics and videos they have put up and just enjoy without having to put much effort forth, but since my cousin beckons me to do something more with my time than just relish everyone else's efforts I will post a short story for you.
The other day two cute girls went to Dairy Queen to get some supper for their families. When they arrived at Dairy Queen they thought it best to go inside and order since they were paying separately, and they didn't want to make the ordering too difficult for the employees. The girls walked in laughing and smiling and wondering what they would order. After they perused the menu board they decided on a few meals they thought would satisfy their families. The first girl ordered a couple of kids meals and 2 combo meals. It went something like this....
"I would like 2 kids steak finger meals, and..."
"whould yu lk sjsjhs wth tht?"
"I'm sorry, what did you say?"
"whould yu lk sjsjhs wth tht?"
"Um, I'm still not sure what you said. Could you repeat that one more time?"
"Whould you lk texs tst wth tht?"
"oh, texas toast. Yes. I thought you were going to ask me what I wanted to drink. I just didn't understand your question because I wasn't prepared for that."
"I also want a number one and "
"the combo meal?"
"yes, a number one and a number 7 --six piece."
"number 7 combo meal?"
"yes. 6 piece." the girl turned to look at her cute friend and said "what an idiot!"
Then she asked for her cups for her drinks. She was politely told that she needed to order a combo meal in order to get a drink. WoW! Was this a fun adventure!
Once the girl's orders were delivered to them there was no cream gravy in the kids' meals, so the girls asked for some and then took the meal home.
Once they arrived home they gave the kids their meals and then began to get out the meals for themselves and their spouses.
"Man, they gave me a 4 piece meal and I asked for a 6. That makes me so mad!"
"What is wrong with this gravy?" her husband asked.
"I don't know, let me see it. OH! GROSS!"
It looked like a loogey had been hocked into a cream gravy cup and put in the meal.
"Give me that!" she yelled. "I am taking it back."
Some time passed and the three adults that stayed at the house talked and laughed and wondered what would happen at (the) Dairy Queen when their friend showed up.
The cute girl came back holding a bag with 2 steak fingers and a cup of cream gravy.
"They gave me the 2 steak fingers that they shorted me and some new gravy." she told her friends. Then she let them know what happened at (the) Dairy Queen:
"When I got there I told the manager to look at the gravy. He said, 'OH GROSS! What IS that?' I told him it was the cream gravy that was in my 4 piece steak finger dinner that should have been a 6 piece. He said, 'Well, would you like some nacho cheese to replace that?' I said, 'Nacho cheese? I don't think my steak fingers will taste very good in nacho cheese! Don't you have any more cream gravy?' He said he didn't know, he would have to check. Man, they are idiots! How do you run out of cream gravy at Dairy Queen? Anyway, I got the food and maybe we can eat now."

Well, now you know that if you run out of cream gravy....nacho cheese should be a good alternate!