February 24, 2011

Staying Busy

I know I am NO good at blogging lately! It seems I go a month or more without writing anything down...but that doesn't mean there aren't things to write down--just that I don't have  take the time to do it! Since I posted last, Ben started a new job, I started Zumba, Cole made all 1's at UIL in band, Jacob turned 11, Annalisa started softball, and Benjamin learned how to say "hola"! See, that was quick and easy! Why don't I just sit down to do this at least once a week?
Ben now works for Pullin Ranch out of Conroe. He delivers sawdust to horse racetracks and ranches.  He had a rough 1st 2 weeks, but then it got better and he really likes it. He is making a little more than he made at McKenzie's so that is also good!
For Jacob's birthday he wanted to go see Blake, Carter and Dawson, so we drove to Whitehouse for the day on the Saturday before his birthday. The boys jumped on the trampoline, played baseball, played Kinect on the X-box, ate hot dogs and just had fun all day long! It was so great to see all of them together again!  Annalisa joined in with them...almost like old times! She didn't appreciate it much when Dawson tried to flip her! LOL When they are all together the boys don't see her as a girl! She is just one of the guys!
Jacob's actual birthday was on a Monday and in accordance with tradition we let him pick where he wanted to eat dinner. There aren't a lot of choices in Huntsville, so it was Chili's. He wanted cheese fries and a bacon cheeseburger, but once we got there he decided the bacon ranch chicken quesedillas sounded better!  It was a great dinner with our family plus Nana, Papa and Nanny!
getting ready to open presents!

Jacob LOVES Transformers
Annalisa started softball and she has her 1st game this coming Saturday. She actually has a double header! The other day she asked me if softball was supposed to be fun. I said, "Yes, why?" She said, "Because my coach said it is serious business!"  I laughed and told her she can still have fun while doing her best!! I am so excited to be watching my daughter play softball!
Benjamin spent the last 4 days playing with Alex and they are getting to be such good buds! Benjamin learned how to say "hola" but it sounds more like "hallelujah"! It is so cute! He is always keeping us laughing, that's for sure! Cole told him the other day, "Benjamin, I am so glad God let us have you."  That made me tear up a little!  Here is a video of him playing with Annalisa's headband:
Cole has a lot of passion! He gets very irritated at things these days....12 year old hormones exist in boys too!  He got in the car after school the other day, and I could tell he was not happy, so I asked how his day was. "Fine" he responded still staring out the window.  I decided to just leave him alone...sometimes that is best! A few minutes later he said, "Some people make me so mad I just want to punch them in the face!"  WOW! I wasn't expecting that much passion! I said, "Well, Cole what happened?"  He said, "There is this kid at school who talks like a girl, but he is always making fun of other people. Oh! It just makes me so mad!"  Cole doesn't like for people to make fun of other people...ironically though he was making fun of this kid by saying he talks like a girl!  That's a typical 12 year old!  He didn't say much more after that and I figured he just needed to vent, but when we got home he started up again.  "And he made fun of you when you drove up to pick me up!" he said.  "How did he make fun of me?" I asked.  "He said, 'Oh, look! That's your mom? I bet she can't even see over the steering wheel!' Oh!! I just wanted to run back and punch him in the face!"  Well, I immediately started laughing! I have been hearing people ask me if I can see over the steering wheel since I started driving! I told Cole that I wasn't going to lose any sleep over that, but it didn't matter to him! He didn't want anyone making fun of his mom!!!  That made me feel special! I do want him to lighten up on wanting to punch people in the face so much, but I guess the plus side is that he doesn't actually punch them! Even if he has stopped telling me he loves me when he leaves for school in the morning, I know he does!
I am still making things for my Etsy store, but not having much luck selling anything.  Here are a few pics of my newest creations:





We are looking forward to Spring Break in a few weeks! Ben and I will celebrate 15 years of marriage then and maybe we will be able to take a trip to Six Flags!?!?!