June 9, 2010

We've Moved!

I know, I know.....I am really bad about blogging!!!  So much has happened in the past month, I don't really feel like I have been able to stop and take a breath yet!  We closed on our house in CO on May 13 and we left CO on May 15.  The plan was to leave on May 14 in the evening, but God had other plans!  OUR plan was for my brother Michael to fly to CO and help me drive my Pilot and the 4 kids back to TX while Ben drove the Penske with all of our belongings.  The reason for Michael coming to help was that I don't do well driving long distances, and Ben....well once he gets started he doesn't stop!!  So, on Friday (May 14) afternoon Michael called to tell me his flight had been delayed an hour and a half.  Ok, not bad.  Then about an hour later he called to tell me his flight had been canceled altogether.  Why?  I still don't know except that God knew what we didn't know.....Michael wouldn't have been able to fit in any of our vehicles if he had come.  So, not only was Michael's flight canceled, but all flights from Dallas to Denver were canceled!  They told him the soonest they would be able to get him out of Dallas would be 2:00 pm the next afternoon.  We definitely couldn't wait that long, so after I reconciled myself to the fact that I would be driving I realized that it was for the best that Michael didn't come.  As we were trying to pack the truck we were quickly running out of room and we still had a lot of "stuff" that wasn't on the truck!!! We filled Ben's Pathfinder (which was being towed by the Penske) and tied 4 bikes and a lawnmower on top of it.  Then we filled my Pilot so full that I could barely see out of my side mirror.  After all of that we still gave away 2 computer desks, 2 chairs, a dresser and 2 bookcases, as well as everything in our pantry!  We just didn't have room!! I wanted to make sure I had room for my kids, and there was barely breathing room at that!  We didn't leave on Friday night because it was raining, and Ben was helping me out---he knows I HATE to drive in the rain...especially at night!!!  So, we spent the night at Brian and Stacy's apartment and got up Saturday morning to start the trip back to Texas.  The weather was great for the trip which made it easier, but when we got down to having 4 more hours to go, I wanted to die!!!!  I prayed, and danced, talked to myself, and sang at the top of my lungs to stay awake and not "zone out" while driving....then we pulled up to the house!  The kids found their swimming suits and got in Nana and Papa's pool and I relaxed on the patio while enjoying the warmer weather--it had snowed in CO the week that we moved!  Since we have been here Ben has led the worship at the first service on Sunday mornings and he has been to the prison with his dad a few times for prison ministry.  We have made many trips to Huntsville or Conroe for groceries and other things for our house. Ben has umpired 5 baseball games and played the bass guitar for one of our friends who is now a worship leader in Huntsville.  We spent one week visiting with family and friends that we haven't seen in a while and just couldn't wait any longer to see, and we have been in the pool quite a bit!!!  Ben and I have started running in the mornings....we go about 2 1/2 miles....and in the evenings (sometimes) we run with the kids.  This weekend is my family reunion, next week Annalisa will go to GA camp, then we will go to one of Ben's family reunions, and the next week is VBS and my birthday!  We are definitely busy!  We are learning to get along in the little house we have so graciously been allowed to live in....2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom! (less than 1200 sq. ft)  It is definitely a big change from the 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom, full basement (nearly 3,000 sq. ft) house we had in CO!! I am also learning to "make do" with what little things of my own I have.....95% of our stuff is in storage! Despite the small living quarters and the kids not having any of their own "toys" or "things" they are very happy and have adjusted well which definitely makes things easier for everyone!  Benjamin is 9 1/2 months old and has started taking steps on his own, talks up a storm and is an all around happy baby!  We are so blessed with our children and family!  I will try to do better about blogging, but I can't make any promises!