September 29, 2006

Random Thoughts

Last night I went into Target to get some medicine for Annalisa and I got sidetracked at the "Everything over here is $1.00" bin. I like to look in case there are neat things for stocking stuffers or stickers I can use in my classroom. I saw some eyshadow that looked kind of pretty and I thought it might be nice for Annalisa to play with (it was only $1), so I purchased it. When I got home I was taking it out of the package it came in and I happened to read the warning label. We've all heard that "Don't use the hair dryer while you are in the bathtub or sleeping" warning, but this one really got me too! There was only ONE warning on the package of eyeshadow. It didn't say anything about it being harmful if swallowed, so am I to assume that if Annalisa decides to eat it she will be ok? It didn't say that it isn't to be put in any mucous membranes whatsoever, so once again I guess she could stuff it up her nose and be fine. What it DID say was this "AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES". Now I know there is an Aggie somewhere still standing in front of the mirror wondering how to get the eyeshadow on while avoiding contact with the eyes!!! Go figure!

Scissors? What Scissors?

Well, we all know that children love scissors. They love to cut things! What is it about totally destroying something that makes kids happy? I never have (or should say "never had") a problem with any of my kids and scissors until a couple of weeks ago. You get three guesses as to which one of my kids it involved...and the first 2 guesses don't count! Well, Jacob came home from school with a nice hole in the front of one of his new uniform shirts. I asked him, "Jacob, what happened to your shirt?" The usual shoulder shrug, eyes averted from me and mumbled, "I don't know." I say, "You don't know? You went to school without a hole in your shirt, came home with one, and you have NO IDEA what happened?" No answer. Suspicious look on his face. I say, "You know it looks like your shirt got cut with scissors. Jacob, did you cut your shirt with scissors today?" Immediately he says, "It was an accident!" Me..."Oh, so you DO remember what happened to your shirt. Imagine that. Jacob, do you know what scissors are for? They are for cutting PAPER. If you can't use the scissors properly in class, I will tell your teacher you can't use them at all and you will just fail all of those assignments that require cutting. OR, better yet you could just get really good at tearing everything out." He said he promised not to do that anymore and life went on. So, last Saturday I asked Ben to cut the boys' hair because it was getting too long. He asked Jacob if he wanted it really short on top or left long enough to comb. Jacob loves to comb his hair, so he said he wanted it left long. About an hour later we were getting ready to go to the baseball game and Ben says, "Have you seen Jacob?" I tell him no. He says, "Jacob, come here!" And here comes Jacob with a huge gap in the front of his hair. I was trying not to laugh because it looked so ridiculous, and I asked him what happened. "I wanted my hair shorter," he says. This of course makes me mad because I go into the whole thing about how Daddy asked him if he wanted it shorter or long and he chose long. Then we tell him that we will have to fix it. In order to fix it and make it look even, Ben had to shave all of his hair off. Jacob came back in looking like a kid going through Chemo, but he hadn't seen his head yet. When he looked in the mirror he started BAWLING!!! He did NOT want to go to baseball or school. He was so worried people would make fun of him. HE'S 6 YEARS OLD!!! I couldn't believe how worried he was about other people....I tried to explain to him that they would have made MORE fun of him if he had gone to school looking the way he did after he trimmed it himself. He was so upset he hid under the comforter on my bed and cried for about 15 minutes!

September 10, 2006

Happy 20-something Lissa!!

Happy Birthday Lissa-Loo! You should be proud that I not only found a HUNK, I found a SMART one! This guy says he loves the way he feels "mentally before, during, and after a workout". Hey, this must mean he can think!!! Well, at least he used a word that contained more than 2 syllables! I hope you had a great day and you enjoy still being in your 20's!!!!

September 1, 2006

Six Flags---Denver

After we left Kansas City, we traveled for another 10 hours to Parker, Colorado to see Jimmy and Melissa. Parker is a beautiful city outside of Denver and we really enjoyed being there for the 4 days we were there. The weather was great, and I even had waffles being served to me when I walked in the door! Who could ask for more? On Sunday, after church, we hit up McDonald's and then took a trip to Six Flags Elitch Gardens. The first thing we did was the waterpark, but there were about 1 bazillion (that's a scrabble word) people there, and the water was a bit chilly, but we had a blast. After we were done playing in the water, we took the kids to ride the kiddie rides. I think they really had a blast. They rode every ride that they could ride, and some they rode twice. They hugged the Looney Toon's characters and they got to see a parade. Jacob and Peyton became fast friends and made each other sick on the teacups! It was really hilarious to watch. I wish I had made a video of it, but I didn't know it was going to be that funny! Emily doesn't care for the Looney Toon's characters, but we saw them performing a show and she didn't mind watching them from afar in her momma's arms. Ben enjoyed sitting on the sidelines waiting to move to the next ride, and he found the one ride that Melissa really enjoyed. I posted a video of her riding it in an earlier blog entry. As the sign says, "Not to see Denver...Elitch's is not to see"
Sunday, July 23, 2006