September 1, 2006

Stormy Weather

After we left Six Flags and the waterpark we decided we wanted to eat at Uno's. It is a restaurant that sells Chicago style Pizza's. We really love to eat there, but the closest one we have found to us (before finding the one in St. Louis) was in New Mexico. The first one we ever ate at was in Dallas, but the next time we went there it was closed down. If you know of one closer than St. Louis, please let us know! Cole and I love to share the Potato Skin Pizza. It is mashed potatoes and cheese with Bacon bits on top served with sour cream. Sounds gross, I know but it is DELICIOUS. I was very much in the mood for my potato pizza when we left the waterpark. Remember, it was sunny and hot when we pulled out of the parking lot of Six Flags. We weren't on the road 5 min. when the sky turned completely black and we knew it was going to storm. The photo you see is of the sign showing the exit we needed to take with the black sky in the background. By the time we got to Uno's the wind was blowing extremely hard. When I opened my car door the wind pulled it from my hand slamming it into the car next to us. Also, pieces of gravel flew into my face and eyes. I must admit I was a bit nervous about the whole situation. When we got inside, though, the hostess assured me that the weather in St. Louis is "like this everyday". I thought, "Well, then I sure don't want to live here." Within 5 min the electricity was out in the restaurant (and every other one within a 15 mile radius). Of course, the hostess then comes to tell us that they won't be seating us while the electricity of off (duh) but that we can wait there if we would like (double duh). What else were we going to do? We couldn't go outside in the stormy weather, so we waited. After about 30 min. Jacob had to go to the bathroom. It was pitch black in the bathroom because there were no windows in there, so the manager let Ben borrow his flashlight to take Jacob in there. Jacob had to go #2 so he was in there a really long time, thus using ALL the battery on the manager's flashlight! I am thinking, why do these things happen to me? All the while the storm raged, Jacob stood by the front door watching and crying that he wanted to go home. When the storm let up, the manager told us of another Uno's about 15 miles away that had electricity and told us how to get there. It was 9:00 now and we were very hungry! We went and saw a tree that had been split and was laying in the parking lot! We had good food and then went back to our hotel. The next morning we saw the debris from the storm all over the street outside our hotel. Trees and limbs littered the streets. I am so thankful that we were safe inside Uno's during the storm even if they couldn't seat us!


Melissa said...

Let's all have a moment of silence for the many innocent trees that die everyday in the streets of St. Louis...........(awkward silence)........(more awkward silence)......(still more).....ok, that's good.

Caci said...

everyday... according to the hostess at Uno's. I don't really think she was telling the truth, though!