September 1, 2006

Royals Game

The Kansas City Royals was the second baseball team we went to see play while we were on our vacation. I must admit that the Royals game was my favorite game of all as far as baseball goes. (That's because the Rockies game was my favorite as far as visiting goes! But that's another blog entry.) At the Royals game we actually had seats (unlike the bleacher seats we had at the Cardinals game), and we were very close to the field. The entire row in front of us was empty, so we weren't packed in like sardines like at the Cardinals game. Annalisa (who obviously had spent too much time at Six Flags) spent the entire game going up and down the row in front of us putting the seats down and telling the (imaginary) people in them to put on their seatbelts and hold their arms up or she would kick them off the ride. She was, of course, a Six Flags roller coaster operator. By the end of the game, she had worn herself out and had fallen asleep on my lap.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Melissa said...

I notice Ben wasn't sporting his cool tube socks at the Royals game. At least now I know they get cleaned at some point! Ha!

Caci said...

That is hilarious! I didn't notice, but yes they do get cleaned SOMETIMES!