June 7, 2009

Hail Storm in June!

Today started off beautiful and sunny! I wore capris while Ben and the boys wore shorts. The weather was nice and warm. We came home from church, and I cooked homemade cream corn, broccoli with cheese sauce, and mashed potatoes. Ben grilled a London Broil that we had been marinating in soy sauce over night. It was delicious! We had the blinds open in the dining room while we were eating, and all of a sudden we could hear the weather siren blaring. We looked out the window and the wind was picking up quite a bit. Jacob DOES NOT like bad weather, so he started to get a bit worried that a tornado might come through. We were telling him that it wasn't a tornado when we started to hear the hail hitting the windows. When the kids could see that the hail was a pretty good size they got a bit excited about it, so we went into the garage together to watch it and get pictures. The hail storm lasted about 15 minutes, then everything got calm, and the sun came out bright again!

This is our backyard covered in hail:

Cole is holding a piece of hail:

Our front yard covered in hail: