November 13, 2006

What IS That????

We went to Bubba and Windy's house on Saturday to hang out, and while we were there Ben helped Bubba with some remodeling. It is always fun for me and Windy to listen to the conversations between Bubba and Ben because we hear things like, "Fool, take that nail out of that beam before I put a nail in your eye." Or "I pity the fool who don't drink his milk before working." Anyway, they are very animated and Mr. T'ish while working. On Saturday their conversations were humorous, but at one point we just heard laughing and "You get it out!" "No, man! It's an alligator. I'm telling you it's an alligator." "It's not an alligator. Go look again." "Let's get Caci in here, she's the doctor type, nothing grosses her out." So at this point I was very interested in what the conversation was about. I walked into the front room where they were tearing the ceiling away. Ben said, "Climb up that ladder and see what's in the attic." Hmm....that doesn't sound good. Bubba shined his flashlight up there and all I saw was sharp teeth and the skull of some unknown animal staring at me! AHHHHHH! Bubba had pulled away the sheetrock and there it was staring him in the face! We couldn't figure out what animal was, although these are some theories we came up with:
1. Squirrel that got in the attic somehow and died on rat poison.
2. Really big rat that died on rat poison.
3. Cole says the teeth look like a dinosaur's teeth, so he wonders how a dinosaur got in their attic!
4. Pet lizard of some sort that the previous owners owned. It got out of its cage one day, and they never found it again! YIKES!
5. R.O.U.S---although I don't believe they really exist. Why? No one's ever seen one.
Although, very well could be the skeleton of the man that Wes says lives in the attic!
But, extra points go to anyone who can give this skeleton skin and hair or feathers or whatever you think it should have to make it look real and alive.

November 10, 2006

Flower Girl

A couple of weeks ago Brin and Aunt Renee took Annalisa shopping for her flower girl dress. I got to go along and watch, of course, so I took a few pics until my camera died. I didn't end up getting any pics of the dress that she will actually wear, but the one with the bow in the back and the long train was Annalisa's favorite. After she tried that one on, she actually said that Carter wouldn't "walk down the hall" with her if she wore another dress. She was trying her best to get that one! Brin did try to order that one, but it didn't come in the right color. Oh, well! The one she did get is very beautiful and we will take pics of her in it soon. Every time she would try on a dress she would go stand on the little platform in front of the mirrors and look at herself from EVERY angle!! She would hold up the front of her dress when she would was all very natural for her! It just gave me a glimpse of the future! Oh, and don't critique my photography skills! I know I don't have any...I just enjoy snapshots!

Saturday, October 7, 2006