April 27, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

It is almost time for me to head out to the city of lights, as I have heard it referred to multiple times today. I spent last night and most of today getting my sub plans ready for next week. I head out at 4:45 p.m. on Sunday from Longview. We will fly to Dallas and have a short layover there, then we fly out to Las Vegas. We should be arriving in Las Vegas around 9:45 p.m. Sunday night. I am going with the school~~Aunt Patti, Lauren (our principal) and two other teachers are also going. We are going to a conference for Magnet Schools of America. Now, as much as I hate my job, I love all of the training and workshops I get to go to. I get trained in all kinds of things and get to go places! I can definitely use the training that I have received when I apply for a job somewhere else....maybe this summer! I am nervous about the flying part of the trip, because (if you know me) you know I will more than likely get airsick. That is not exciting or fun for me, but Aunt Patti has informed me that I will be fine....I think that is mostly because she is not wanting to sit next to someone who is about to vomit! What do you think? I am excited about taking pictures and just enjoying a city I have never visited before.....(watch, and at some point Michael will write me trying to convince me that we vacationed there as children and I must be crazy not to remember THAT trip....but WHATEVER!) I will take as many pics as possible and hopefully I will have a good story or two to write about when I get home (nothing could be as funny to Michael as me getting stuck on the loop around Houston, though, I am sure). I fly back next Thursday and should be in Longview by 4:00 pm....so hasta la vista.....until next time!

April 15, 2007

Peepaw Gets Attacked

When we were at Dad's house last weekend Annalisa wanted a "horse ride" on Peepaw's back. Of course he gave in and let her go for a ride...what surprised me was that he was actually able to carry Jacob on his back as well. Jacob is a big boy, already weighing 75 pounds. Well, Dad's dog, Bear, does not like it much when Dad plays with the kids...he is a bit spoiled and wants all of the attention. He actually tried to climb on Dad's back as well, but couldn't fit so he bit Dad's ear instead! It was not intentional, but it got Dad pretty good, and Lynn and I actually thought he would need stitches, but Dad decided to just put a band-aid on it and let whatever happens happen! That's a real man! LOL. I guess his ear is better and hasn't fallen off because I haven't received any phone calls telling me that he has been rushed to the emergency room for any infections or his ear falling off. Aren't you glad I had my camera ready to capture this fun event?

April 14, 2007

Dad and Lynn's House

Well, my dad and Lynn have been building a new house since about January (I think). It is over in Sachse very close to Michael and Leah. It will be good for them because they will get to see their granddaughters more often when they move in. Last time I was in Dallas I went to see the house with them and see how it is coming along. I got some pics of it and I have posted a slide show so you can see some of it too. The slide show will only let me put 10 pics in, but the house is so large that there are way more then 10 pics of it...I just put the 10 I liked the best. I hope you enjoy viewing the pics. By the way, Dad lost his job in March, and unless he or Lynn gets a new job soon they may not be able to move into this house. Please pray for them to get a job and be able to move into their home.

April 8, 2007

Jeffrey's Birthday Party

Last night I went to eat with Jeffrey at the Texas Roadhouse. It was his ONE request that his mom, dad, brother(s) and sister eat dinner with him for his birthday--Logan wasn't able to come though because he was training for regionals next weekend. So, Mom, Dad, Lynn, Aunt Sis, Michael, Leah, all 4 girls, Jeffrey, me and Dad and Lynn's friend Dolly all went to eat dinner. We had to sit at two different tables since our party was so big. I really had a blast reminiscing with my brothers. We laughed alot and at one point I almost killed Michael by making him choke on his steak. I am one funny gal! At the end of dinner they came to give Jeffrey a big Texas Roadhouse Yee-Haw and he got to sit on the saddle! I got a pic of it and in case you can't tell, he wasn't too excited about it, but he says the 2 Corona he drank earlier were the deciding factor in him getting on! I hope that we can all go out and have that much fun together again soon!

Little Ball Player

Annalisa can't hardly stand it if her boys do something different than she does, so this year when they started to play baseball she became very adament that she could play baseball too. The truth of the matter is that she could've played if Ben and I had realized that she was old enough and we had actually signed her up, but we were really only thinking about the boys (and they got signed up a week late). We have been busy and not on top of things this year. So, by the time we realized that she could've played t-ball, all the teams had been picked and it was too late. We did tell her that we will sign her up next year, and she was ok with that.....but this year she got a hand-me down baseball uniform of Cole's. Cole played for the Blue Jay's last year, and he and Jacob both play for the Blue Jay's this year. Since they get new uniform shirts each year Annalisa got Cole's shirt from last year. She looks like part of the team, and she LOVES it! Annalisa is a girlie girl, but she will not let the boy's outdo her either! She thinks she is one of them!

Cleaning Is Fun Now!

I feel a bit like Melissa did last Spring when she got her new vacuum cleaner. I am excited to say I got a new one too! It is my first bagless cleaner and I love that about it! I was so sick and tired of trying to find the bags for my other vacuum, and anyway it wasn't sucking as wonderfully as it should have been....so I replaced it! I stuck with Hoover, but switched to bagless. I just want you to know~~this one sucks! I couldn't believe the amount of hair and dust that came out of our carpet, but I am thankful that I was able to get a new one. So, now my floors should be a little bit cleaner than before (in case you were thinking about visiting!)


Just wanted to post a quick pic of the YO-YO! Do you remember this awesomely sickening ride from Hamel's Amusement Park? Well, it was in our mall parking lot over Spring Break. We had a carnival come to town, and they brought the Yo-Yo with them. I know Melissa probably loved this ride, because it is sure to bring about vomit! I had such wonderful memories flood me when I saw it in the parking lot that I had to take a picture and share it with you.