April 14, 2007

Dad and Lynn's House

Well, my dad and Lynn have been building a new house since about January (I think). It is over in Sachse very close to Michael and Leah. It will be good for them because they will get to see their granddaughters more often when they move in. Last time I was in Dallas I went to see the house with them and see how it is coming along. I got some pics of it and I have posted a slide show so you can see some of it too. The slide show will only let me put 10 pics in, but the house is so large that there are way more then 10 pics of it...I just put the 10 I liked the best. I hope you enjoy viewing the pics. By the way, Dad lost his job in March, and unless he or Lynn gets a new job soon they may not be able to move into this house. Please pray for them to get a job and be able to move into their home.

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DollieDell said...

The house is coming along, i like the pictures you got of it!
We all went the last couple days to look at other house's incase they don't get this one. lynn has just been really sad, i'm so glad i have been there to cheer her up!! its not easy. keep praying God is really working in their lives!