April 27, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

It is almost time for me to head out to the city of lights, as I have heard it referred to multiple times today. I spent last night and most of today getting my sub plans ready for next week. I head out at 4:45 p.m. on Sunday from Longview. We will fly to Dallas and have a short layover there, then we fly out to Las Vegas. We should be arriving in Las Vegas around 9:45 p.m. Sunday night. I am going with the school~~Aunt Patti, Lauren (our principal) and two other teachers are also going. We are going to a conference for Magnet Schools of America. Now, as much as I hate my job, I love all of the training and workshops I get to go to. I get trained in all kinds of things and get to go places! I can definitely use the training that I have received when I apply for a job somewhere else....maybe this summer! I am nervous about the flying part of the trip, because (if you know me) you know I will more than likely get airsick. That is not exciting or fun for me, but Aunt Patti has informed me that I will be fine....I think that is mostly because she is not wanting to sit next to someone who is about to vomit! What do you think? I am excited about taking pictures and just enjoying a city I have never visited before.....(watch, and at some point Michael will write me trying to convince me that we vacationed there as children and I must be crazy not to remember THAT trip....but WHATEVER!) I will take as many pics as possible and hopefully I will have a good story or two to write about when I get home (nothing could be as funny to Michael as me getting stuck on the loop around Houston, though, I am sure). I fly back next Thursday and should be in Longview by 4:00 pm....so hasta la vista.....until next time!


Patti said...

I am glad that you are getting to make this trip. There are a lot of angry teachers who would have loved to travel to Vegas...Sorry for them, though... None of them are my favorite niece. I knew what I was doing when I signed up other teachers for Pittsburg, Kansas City, Norfolk, etc. Yeah, they thought they were pretty lucky...and you only got to go to Dallas or Houston. BORING.... They can't really complain now, can they... We are going to have so much fun. A few days in Sin City has got to be better than being in HELL every day!!!
Love ya.... And you WILL survive the flight....

Michael said...

What? You don't remember the trip to Vegas when were kids? Mom was addicted to Wayne Newton, Dad was addicted to gambling, and we visited that crazy cousin of ours that lives on the old H-bomb test site.

Or....maybe that was just a movie.

I hope you have a great trip, and don't do anything that has to be left in Vegas. :)