April 15, 2007

Peepaw Gets Attacked

When we were at Dad's house last weekend Annalisa wanted a "horse ride" on Peepaw's back. Of course he gave in and let her go for a ride...what surprised me was that he was actually able to carry Jacob on his back as well. Jacob is a big boy, already weighing 75 pounds. Well, Dad's dog, Bear, does not like it much when Dad plays with the kids...he is a bit spoiled and wants all of the attention. He actually tried to climb on Dad's back as well, but couldn't fit so he bit Dad's ear instead! It was not intentional, but it got Dad pretty good, and Lynn and I actually thought he would need stitches, but Dad decided to just put a band-aid on it and let whatever happens happen! That's a real man! LOL. I guess his ear is better and hasn't fallen off because I haven't received any phone calls telling me that he has been rushed to the emergency room for any infections or his ear falling off. Aren't you glad I had my camera ready to capture this fun event?


DollieDell said...

His ear is geting better! no complaining...YET! lol

DollieDell said...

Hey, you should put that picture up of annalisa from the baseball game. the goofy picture!!

Anonymous said...

I'm fine. I've been shot, cut, broken, and heart broken so this was nothing.

Thanks for caring, though.

Love, Dad