July 22, 2007

This Past Week

This past week we started out on Monday with a drive to Dallas and a trip to the IMAX theater to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We very much enjoyed the movie, and the last 20 minutes were in 3-D. Jacob kept reaching out to "touch" the characters, as it seemed they were right in the middle of the theater with us! It took Cole a while of being frustrated with the double images on the screen before he would actually put his glasses on, and I think he missed the best parts of the 3-D effects. Annalisa sat in my lap and slept through the movie, so that was a $9 nap for her! After the movie we headed to my dad and Lynn's apartment and went swimming! The kids have been wanting to swim all summer, and we were so thankful for sunshine! We swam again on Tuesday and Annalisa now refuses to wear her floaties and is no longer scared to get her face wet. She swam from me to Ben (across the pool that we were in) multiple times and was so proud of herself! Ben and I were very proud of her too. She decided she was tired of watching her boys have fun while she just floated, so she learned how to swim. She is still no expert, mind you, but we have made tremendous growth in just one week's time! On Wednesday we took the kids and Lynn to Six Flags and had a good, hot time! Ben got to ride Mr. Freeze with Lynn because she had never ridden it before, then he rode The Shockwave with Cole and Jacob 2 times. After that he was done for. Since his accident he can't take a lot of shaking and big rides....it hurts his head pretty bad. So, we left around 2, but since the lines were virtually non-existent the kids had already done a lot and we had braved the Roaring Rapids. On Thursday Ben and Dad played golf, Lynn went to work, and I was left home with the kids. I knew we would go swimming so I invited my beautiful nieces to join us, and my Aunt Sis brought them over. The kids swam for about 2 hours and had a blast. Annalisa tried to convince Emma, who doesn't like water on her face, that it is more fun to put your face in the water because then you can look at the people who are swimming under water. Emma didn't buy it! They still had loads of fun and my kids can't wait to spend time with them again! On Thursday night I had the opportunity to eat dinner with my best friend from Jr. High and High School...Eva Methvin Troha. She now has 2 beautiful baby girls and lives in South Arlington. She runs her own Chiropractic Clinic and is doing well. I was very excited to see her because it has been 6 years since I saw her last. On Friday we came home, but not without a stop at the Tanger Outlet Malls for some good deals at Old Navy---$2.97 for swimsuits! I couldn't believe it.....so Annalisa got a bikini for next year....she was inspired by her cousins who all had bikinis on when they came to swim on Thursday. She does think the top is like a bra and wants to wear it everyday and pretend like it is.....what is wrong with that girl? She will give me fits in her teenage years, I am sure! We are home, but Ben and I are planning a trip this next week to MO to find a place to live and a school for our kids. Hopefully I can find a job teaching there too!

July 15, 2007

"Wii" Have Been Having Fun!

This is a short video showing the kids having fun playing our new Wii. I especially love to watch Cole because he gets so excited about it! In the beginning of the video, pay close attention to how Jacob bowls. He looks like he is a fast-pitch softball pitcher! It is pretty funny! Then watch Annalisa strike Cole out with her awesome pitching skills. The Wii is fun because it is something everyone can do....including Annalisa, and we all have been enjoying it immensely!