February 24, 2009

Glucose Test Result

Just a quick post to let everyone know I got the results back from my Glucose test and I DON'T have gestational diabetes! Woo-hoo! I didn't figure I did....but they will make me take the test again around 27 weeks to re-check for it.

February 20, 2009

February Updates

I haven't posted in a while because I have not felt well! I have been EXTREMELY tired and nauseous all day every day for the past 6 weeks at least. The nausea seems to be letting up now that I am 12 1/2 weeks along, but the tiredness is hanging on. On February 7 we celebrated Jacob's 9th birthday! It has always been Jacob's wish to have a swimming party for his birthday. He even "put off" his birthday until July one year just so he could have it at a pool! But this year we were fortunate enough to find an indoor swimming pool here in Aurora. So, even though the weather was in the 40's outside, the kids were swimming in a heated pool, and having a blast! There was a big water slide that the kids loved going down and also a sprayground. Jacob liked to spend most of his time in the Olympic size pool where the diving boards were. He jumped off the low dive (his first time on a spring board), and then looked at the high dive curiously. He pointed to it while looking at me (asking permission to jump) and I said, "Go for it!" He climbed the ladder cautiously, walked to the end, gave me a small wave (as if to say, "If I don't survive this, know I love you."), then jumped! He loved it! He did say his hands stung because he slapped the water, but he climbed up again and jumped a second time. Even though we didn't technically have a "party" there, one of Jacob's friends did come and go swimming with him. After the swimming, we went to the house and ate mac-n-cheese then everyone had some of the peanut butter brownies that Jacob had picked out and made all by himself earlier that morning. It was a great birthday for him and the kids slept really well that night!!
The kids finished up their 3 1/2 weeks "off track" yesterday, and we sent them back to school! YAY! We have been attending meetings about enrolling Cole in middle school for the fall. We are applying him for a program called EDGE. Horizon Middle School is the only school in the district that offers it, and it would be Advanced classes for all of his CORE subjects. He has to have a letter of recommendation from his current teacher, an application filled out by us (his parents), they will interview Cole, and they will look at his MAP and CSAP test scores in order to decide whether they will accept him or not. His current teacher is just positive he will be accepted, but I am still nervous for him and hope that he is accepted, because Cole definitely needs the challenges of Advanced classes. He has also decided he wants to take Band (that is a year long elective) and PE for sure. PE in middle school here is an elective and it only lasts a semester, so if your child doesn't pick PE they don't get any type of exercise during middle school. That is strange to me because when I was going to Caddo Middle Magnet, PE was not an option, it was part of your day and it lasted all year long. If he gets accepted into EDGE he has to have 2 full years of a foreign language while in middle school, and he wants to do Spanish.
I went to the doctor yesterday to do the glucose test for them early....they want to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes since I tend to have big babies....and I don't know the results yet even though they said it would only take 24 hrs, but I don't really think I have it. I will know soon enough! While I was there I got to hear Peanut's heartbeat!! It was 170 bpm, and I know that a lot of you think that a fast heart rate means it is a girl, but that is not true! Jacob's heart rate was 165-170 and he is definitely NOT a girl!! Annalisa's wasn't even as fast as Jacob's. While my doc teased me that Jacob would be a girl based on the heart rate, he said in all actuality it is still a 50/50 chance it is a boy and 50/50 chance it is a girl. So, while Annalisa is hoping for a girl, and it certainly could be, I will wait for the sono to tell us.....this is the FIRST one of my babies I will have them tell me the sex of BEFORE the birth! I LOVE NOT knowing, but I figure since I have NOTHING this time and people really want to be able to buy for the baby I won't torture them anymore....I had my fun 3 times around! But just maybe Peanut will be shy that day and they won't be able to tell for sure.......I will secretly smile if that is the case!