August 21, 2008

Summer Fun

Well, I am trying out a new blog layout.....let me know what you think. I still need to work on it a bit and tweak some of the tabs to link to the places I want them to link to, but overall I think I like the look of it! It is the middle of August, and I am wondering what happened to the summer?!? We are still living in our pastor's basement, but things are moving forward with us and our home purchase. We were told this week that we can possibly close on or around Sept. 9! WOW! We are definitely getting tired of being so close to each other all the time in the basement, but it is a nice place and we love the people we are staying with. I think they will go through withdrawal when the kids are gone!! We did take a short trip to Texas and dropped the kids off with their Nana and Papa the last week of July. The kids had a blast swimming, playing with their cousins, fishing, bowling, flying on an airplane, and many other things. We were so glad for them to have that opportunity. Because the kids are on year round school, they started back on July 7 and went until July 20, then had 3 weeks off and just started back again this week on Tuesday. Cole turned 10 years old yesterday!! He is getting so big, and he is so smart. His personality is really developing, and he has a great sense of humor! He hasn't totally decided what he wants for his birthday, but he is leaning towards a turtle when we move into our house. He already has a White's Tree Frog and he wants to add a turtle to his pet collection. I am just glad I was able to talk him out of a Ball Python!! He and Jacob have been finding grass snakes like crazy and bringing them home to play with them. It is so funny to have boys, but Annalisa isn't one bit scared of them either! I am glad that they didn't inherit their PeePaw's fear of snakes! In just a few more weeks Annalisa will be 6! She got her ears pierced while we were in Texas and she is super excited about being able to change her earrings on her birthday! Jacob continues to excel in swimming and we are going to look for him a swim team to join once we get settled in our new abode. I will try to post more often once we get out of the basement and in more of a routine like before, but for now I hope you enjoy what I have written!