July 15, 2007

"Wii" Have Been Having Fun!

This is a short video showing the kids having fun playing our new Wii. I especially love to watch Cole because he gets so excited about it! In the beginning of the video, pay close attention to how Jacob bowls. He looks like he is a fast-pitch softball pitcher! It is pretty funny! Then watch Annalisa strike Cole out with her awesome pitching skills. The Wii is fun because it is something everyone can do....including Annalisa, and we all have been enjoying it immensely!


Melissa said...

she's sassy. i love the little victory dance at the end. nice touch. looks like fun.

holly said...

so cute! i bet annalisa has no idea you posted a video of her in her undies! ha!

call me soon when you get a chance, so i can hear all about your new adventures! :-)