April 8, 2007

Little Ball Player

Annalisa can't hardly stand it if her boys do something different than she does, so this year when they started to play baseball she became very adament that she could play baseball too. The truth of the matter is that she could've played if Ben and I had realized that she was old enough and we had actually signed her up, but we were really only thinking about the boys (and they got signed up a week late). We have been busy and not on top of things this year. So, by the time we realized that she could've played t-ball, all the teams had been picked and it was too late. We did tell her that we will sign her up next year, and she was ok with that.....but this year she got a hand-me down baseball uniform of Cole's. Cole played for the Blue Jay's last year, and he and Jacob both play for the Blue Jay's this year. Since they get new uniform shirts each year Annalisa got Cole's shirt from last year. She looks like part of the team, and she LOVES it! Annalisa is a girlie girl, but she will not let the boy's outdo her either! She thinks she is one of them!


Melissa said...

Oh, Annalisa....I love your uniform. I can't wait to see your action pics next year.

Wonderful Windy said...

The pink Cowgirl belt make the whole uniform!!