December 17, 2006

Will Christmas Stink For You?

This post is mostly to appease Lissa Loo, who would probably disown me as a cousin if I didn't post anything this weekend. I apologize for being so busy (and exhausted) lately, but my job is wearing me down. My kids bring me laughter and joy and so here is a video of them singing their favorite Christmas song, "I Farted On Santa's Lap". I hope you enjoy it, and Lissa, I hope it makes you happy to see something new this month!!!!


Wonderful Windy said...

Blake really enjoyed this one!!! He was singing along!

Melissa said...

Where in the world did y'all hear this one?

I'm stuck inside today with a blizzard outside. My parents are somewhere in South Colorado trying to get up here. Pray for them. It is horrible driving conditions right now.

Caci said...

I've heard that they close the roads in winter around there. Let me know if (and when) they make it.
Ben (of course) found this one on the computer somewhere when he was looking for Christmas songs to put on a cd last year. It is my kids' favorite!