January 23, 2007

Boxing Brothers

For Christmas our boys got boxing gloves so they could beat the crap out of each other. That is what boys love to do, and apparently (according to Wild At Heart) it is how they show each other affection. If they aren't beating each other while wearing the boxing gloves, they are "killing" each other with light sabers or the toy guns they also received for Christmas. Santa must want them to torture each other, or else he understands what boys like! Anyway, here is a video of one boxing round. I think it was a draw, but you can vote for one or the other if you wish! Cole got a few good shots in, and Jacob is more like a windmill with arms! In addition to the video, there are a few pics of Cole wearing the boxing gloves on his feet!?! Apparently he was practicing for the next round, and he figured he had a better chance of winning with his feet! Hope you enjoy.

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1 comment:

Wonderful Windy said...

here i am again, making you feel better by giving you a comment on your post. i luv u and don't ever forget that i'm your favorite! (and I know you won't no matter what Melissa says!)