March 1, 2007

New Furniture!

A couple of weeks ago we got our income tax return! We decided to buy some things that we needed and never had the money to buy before. The first big purchase we made was a new mattress for mine and Ben's bed. It is so very comfortable and I have slept wonderfully every night for the past 2 weeks! I am so excited about it! After that, we bought a new computer because Ben needed something faster for all of his photo work. Because our old PC still works fine, we moved it into the kids' room and took out their old broken down dresser. This meant they needed a computer desk to put their "new" computer on and printer (our new computer came with a Canon all-in-one printer that Ben very much did not want, but the price of the computer went up if you didn't take the printer....go figure!) so, the kids got the printer! Annalisa scored big with a twin size bed. She is out of her toddler bed and off of her baby bed mattress at the age of 4 1/2. You might wonder how I managed to keep her on a toddler bed that long, but it really wasn't that difficult since her toddler bed looked like a doll house. She was excited about the new bed, but the whole time we were taking her toddler bed apart she was telling it bye and telling me how much she was going to miss it. It was really sweet! The boys have never been sentimental about anything as silly as a bed! So, at Windy's request I have posted some pics of the new bed, and I added a photo of the computer in their room too! It is very nice.


Patti said...

Thank you for a couple of things... First, I can easily read your posts now. Maybe it was more the size of the text, than the color. I do like the gray better than the pink, but like I said, the color isn't as critical to my eyes as SIZE. Second, thanks for signing my new guestbook and leaving me such a heart-warming message.

Now...the new bed is awesome. I am loving all those care bears. I think if ever I need a place to spend the night, I will choose your house so I can sleep with Annalisa and all those bears. YES!!!

Melissa said...

Annalisa, I love your new bed!
Oh, that your old cabbage patch sitting on the top shelf of her bed? I just got a flash back of the days when we carried those things around with us everywhere we went. Good times!
Oh, and yes, we are going to Disneyland at the end of march. We are very excited! Can you just imagine how many pics will be flooding my site after that trip?

Caci said...

Melissa, the Cabbage Patch Kid is THE ONE! I got her in 1984 I think. The dress she is wearing was made by none other than Aunt Patti. She made me a whole wardrobe of clothes for my little baby, unfortunately that is the only outfit I still has bloomers that go with it too! Thanks, AP!

Wonderful Windy said...

I think she needs a bigger Dora blanket for that Super-sized bed. I bet she has been sleeping like a ROCK!!!

Holly said...

Cute new bed for Miss Sassy Pants! :-)