October 21, 2007

Snow In October

For a few weeks now we have been hearing on the news that it "may snow on Sunday", but it hasn't. This weekend, however, we decided on Friday to go buy heavy coats in case it actually did snow. Yesterday was nice and warm (about 73 degrees), and we were comfortable in short sleeves. When we got home last night it started raining really hard, and the wind kicked up quite a bit. Then, this morning I woke up, went to the bathroom, and absent-mindedly looked out the window to a totally white backyard. I told Ben, and he just smiled then told me not to wake the kids up yet...it was 7:00. By 7:15 they were up on their own and the excitement in their voices made it sound like Christmas morning in my house...."Look! It's snowing! Mom, can we go play....please!" I couldn't tell them no.....they have been waiting weeks for this! I didn't expect it to last, but as the morning dragged on it snowed more and more until there was about 4 inches of snow on my car after church. We, being from Texas, were ill prepared for this storm. I had to clean the snow off of my car with a piece of cardboard I found in my trash pile. Melissa called me AFTER church to ask me if I had bought a brush yet....we didn't even know about the brushes until we saw another guy using one after church.....it is now on our list of things to buy. I am deeply grateful that there was a snow shovel in our garage, otherwise my car would still be parked at the edge of my driveway, because there was no way it was getting over the curb with all the snow there. The kids played outside all afternoon stopping only because I made them come eat lunch.....what kind of mother am I??? Then, about 3:00 Cole came in and said, "Mom, why are my hands this color?" I looked at them in horror and saw that they were not just purple, but almost black! We also had not bought them gloves yet, and they had been playing in the snow without them all afternoon. I immediately made them come in and get in a warm shower so they could get the blood flowing to their fingers again! They did have a great time playing today, but it will probably all be gone tomorrow.



Michael said...

Black?? That's not good, sis. Get those boys some gloves, and don't worry, there's plenty more snow coming. ;)

Wonderful Windy said...

The boys loved looking at these pictures. Girl you are lucky that Cole didn't get frost bite. I am sure you have already made the trip to the nearest Wal-mart and taken care of that!