July 20, 2009


Well, it has been a while since I have blogged about anything! There isn't much to write about since the kids are gone. We took them to Jim and Ruby on July 3rd and haven't seen them since. Our house is very quiet, and although I am enjoying getting a few (and I mean FEW!) tasks done while they are gone, I miss them very much! They have never been away from us for this long, and we still have 2 more weeks to go. We did take the kids to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo the last weekend of June since we weren't going to see them again for 4 weeks. Baseball was over (Cole's team won 1st place!!!!), so we decided to do something special with the kids. Well, I TOTALLY forgot that we had been invited to our friends' house that evening to eat dinner with them. When Christy called me at 6:45--while I was standing in Mardel's in Colorado Springs--I about had a heart attack! I instantly remembered that we were suppposed to be at their house at 6:15! We got there around 8, and thankfully they are still our friends! We had brownies and visited until about 11. All I can say is pregnancy makes me very forgetful!

The next Friday we dropped the kids off in OK City with Nana and Papa, and they have been having fun in Texas. They spent a week with Nana and Papa, then a week with Windy (when Aunt Susan went into labor and had Alex!), then a weekend with Peepaw and Granma, and now they are headed back to see Nana, Papa, Aunt Susan, Uncle Juan, Alex, Aunt Jamee, Josh, Kate and Nanny! I don't know if they will ever want to come home to me!!

Because of some complications I am having with this pregnancy I got to see little Benjamin last Tuesday at the Perinatologist's office. I get to see him tomorrow too, and every Tuesday until he is born, so we can monitor him for anemia. So far there have been no signs of it, and I am hoping it stays that way through tomorrow's visit. He looked great, weighed about 4 lbs. 9 oz and has a big ole Newton head like my other 3!

We had some long time friends come stay with us for a few days, and we enjoyed visiting with them and 2 of their 4 beautiful children. We had Family Fun Fest with our church at the park, we went on a date to see The Proposal, Ben had his first overnight delivery-- to Montana (during which I stayed with my cousin because the house was just too quiet for me), but mostly we have just laid around the house relaxing!

This past Saturday we had a group of men come to our house to help clean up our yard and it looks so much better now!! We still have a lot to do, but this was a great start! At the same time the men were at our house, I was at the church being showered by a bunch of wonderful ladies! Benjamin got all kinds of presents and it is so weird for me to see such small clothes in my house again! I just know I can't wait to see the little guy and kiss his cheeks!!

A bunch of baby items given at the shower
Me--33 weeks 4 days pregnant

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Life with the Akin Clan said...

you are by far the cutest pregnant lady ever! I am praying for a safe delivery. Thanks for the update!