January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

My oldest son told me last night, "Mom, you are OLD!" when I went to bed at 10:30 and slept through the midnight ball drop to welcome in 2010. I slept through any fireworks that may have been shot in our neighborhood--Ben said he woke up because of some--but I was awakened at 1:00 and again at 2:00 by my 4 month old who apparently wanted to welcome in the new year!
By this time every other year I have mailed out Christmas photos and letters, but I have not done that yet! Having a baby changes things alot....especially when it is #4!
We enjoyed Christmas but missed family. Thanks to webcams and Skype we were able to talk to family on Christmas day and the day after. Christmas day was mostly us just relaxing in our pj's until about 5:30 when we decided to keep with tradition and take the kids to the movies. We went to see Old Dogs, and I must say it was much funnier than I anticipated. I thought for sure that
Benjamin would sleep through the movie, but I was WRONG! He was wide awake and very talkative the entire movie!! Ben had to take him out a couple of times because he was so noisy (not crying--just talking!).

The kids didn't get a lot of presents this year, but they were very happy with what they did get. I am so thankful for kids that really do understand that Christmas is not about what you get.....it is about Jesus coming to earth as a baby, growing up to be a man, living a sinless life, and dying a sinner's death on the cross in order to be a perfect sacrifice for you and me. He then was raised from the dead and ascended into heaven where He sits at God's right hand. He is our High Priest whom we go through when we approach the throne of God. Christmas is about a prophecy being fulfilled, a promise being kept, and love being shown.
I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and will enjoy a wonderful New Year!

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