October 5, 2010

Museums and Tents

It seems like when we lived in CO there were alot more things for a family to do on a weekend than just play in the yard. There were so many places you could go and just sight see or hike, and I have been getting antsy to get out of the house and DO SOMETHING!!  Ben found out that the Sam Houston Museum in Huntsville is open on Sunday afternoons, so a few weeks ago we took the family there after church.  There were a lot of things to see outside before you even went in the museum:  2 of Sam Houston's houses, the blacksmith's shop, cabins, the outdoor kitchen, Sam's law office, and all of the property he lived on. It was very pretty outside, and I was so glad not to be at home!  We went in the museum and spent a good hour and a half to two hours walking around and learning all about Sam.  The kids really enjoyed it, so that was a plus!
The kids on petrified wood at Sam Houston's house
After we got home, Ben thought it would be fun to camp out in the front yard with the kids. He isn't real big on camping in the woods because he is HIGHLY allergic to poison ivy, but we knew the front yard would be safe!  Ben, Jacob and Benjamin proceeded to put up the tent while Cole looked on. He was asking, "Who would want to sleep in a tent outside?"  But towards the end of the tent erecting he decided to join in.  Ben, always doing what most people would not do, also thought it would be great to watch a movie in the tent with the kids!  So, he set up a TV, DVD player and fan.  They took popcorn and rootbeer outside and watched Kung Fu Panda inside the tent!  Jacob and Annalisa thought it was the coolest things ever, but after the movie was over Jacob decided he didn't have enough room in the tent (could be that Ben's twin size blow up mattress along with the TV, DVD player and fan were taking up most of the floor space), so he came inside to sleep. Annalisa was the only one who stayed out there all night long with Ben!  I am so thankful that my kids have a daddy who will do those kinds of things with them and spend time with them! He is so awesome!
Jacob and Benjamin getting it started!

Jacob loves to build things, so this was a lot of fun for him

Jacob and Ben did most of the work

Benjamin was helping as much as possible!

Cole finally decided to help!  He told me, "Mom we are country folk, but we aren't really camping folk."

All of my boys after the tent was erected

Inside the tent!

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Janette said...

Oh wow, when you say "TV" you're not lying! :) I was thinking some tiny little television set! ;) Looks like fun. :)