January 10, 2011

Cole's Poetry

Some of you may remember a few years ago when I posted a few of Cole's poems he had written for school.  I was so proud of how such a young boy could write such poetic words.  Since then he really hasn't written anything and doesn't unless it is for an assignment at school!  I mean, he's 12!  He has better things to do with his time than write a poem! :-)  So, the other night he was supposed to write a poem about a color. He kept asking me and Ben what different colors were so he could jog his thinking process. We were telling him things like, "green is the color of jealousy, money, grass, boogers.....red is the color of passion, fire, heat, atomic fireballs.....black is the color of my true love's hair (he didn't get that reference to the old song).....purple is the color of royalty"  and so on. He didn't like any of our ideas!  He stayed up until 9 "working" on the poem and had a blank piece of paper when he went to bed. He woke up early to work on the poem and had a blank piece of paper when he left for school.  However, he had a full poem written by the time he was dropped off.  Here is what he wrote:
Orange is the color of a rising sun
Letting you know a new day has begun.
It is the color of a fire 
burning higher and higher
The color of summer turning to fall
where leaves are raked and the piles stand tall
It is the color of the grand Canyon
With its rough walls
And its long drop where you don't want to fall
Orange is the color of a setting sun
Letting you know a new day is to come.

Ok, I know I am biased, but I thought it was pretty brilliant for him to go full circle with the color of orange! Especially since he wrote it in the car on the way to school! 
(This post in no way endorses procrastination on the part of the student!)


Mike said...

I think it's not procrastination....I think it's his mind filing and sorting all through the night to find the right words, phrases, and images to write. I've always done my "A" work the morning it was due, but I've been writing and re-writing it in my head for weeeks.

Caci said...

I totally do all of my best work at the last minute! I have always been that way....that's why he wasn't in trouble when he left with a blank piece of paper...I knew he would get it done (he's too much like me!!)

Janette said...

I love that!! And I love your disclaimer at the end letting people know you aren't endorsing doing homework on the way to school. ;)

Ruby said...

Great job Cole.....