February 6, 2017


At the risk of ostracizing myself because I am probably the only person on the planet that didn't think the half-time show was UH-MA-ZING, I am going to list why I feel so differently than the masses of people that surround me. I also want to remind you all that I don't like fudge, canned chili, or....wait for it.....Cheez-Its. I say this to remind you that my opinion is just that....my opinion. And I am entitled to it just like you are entitled to yours. You can decide you hate me because I feel differently than you, but is that really mature? I don't hate you because of how you feel about the way Lady Gaga paraded around on the stage in less than modest clothing setting an unfavorable example for all of our young daughters. So, here it is.....

1. I didn't really care for the way she put her leg up on the piano stool opening up her crotch in a tasteless way while she belted out the words to some less than mediocre song.....or any of the other "dance moves" that had her opening her legs up over and over. I have young sons that don't need to be "flashed" in this sort of way by any female. I mean REALLY? Is that AWESOME ENTERTAINMENT???? Since when did entertainment become so tasteless?

2. Her choice of wardrobe was less than appealing. Half a shirt with some booty shorts??? When a  4 year old says, "She needs to get dressed" that should tell you something.  I understand that's what is "in", but I've never been one for doing what's "in" if it goes against my beliefs and convictions. Parading around on stage for everyone to see in clothes that are not modest when you have the opportunity to influence so many young girls in a positive way just makes me angry and sad all at the same time. What about that glorifies GOD? Nothing.  Now, I know that some would say, "But she wasn't there to glorify GOD. She was there to entertain!"  If we do ANYTHING  we are to "do [it] all in the name of the LORD JESUS, giving thanks through HIM to GOD the FATHER." (Colossians 3:17) I know that Paul was talking to believers here, but I have been reading so many blogs lately claiming that Lady Gaga is a Christian because "she believes in JESUS" and "she worshipped at [insert church name here]....", so if you claim to be a Christian then you must live like one. The end.

3. I.Just.Can't. get on board with anyone who sings "Born This Way". I can't in good conscience ever love a performance by someone who claims that they are a sinner because my GOD created them that way and "HE doesn't make mistakes". While I do believe that GOD creates all people, and we are ALL sinners, that is NOT what HE created us to be or where HE wants us to stay. HE does not desire that ANY should perish but that all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9) HE doesn't desire for people to stay in sin or live in sin.....and that is exactly what her song promotes. Here are some lyrics "No matter gay, straight, or bi, Lesbian, transgendered life/I'm on the right track baby/". Why didn't she include abusive husbands/alcoholics/rapists/pedophiles/murderers? Weren't they all "born that way?" Aren't they "on the right track"? I feel the need to say this--because I guess so many people won't--but that isn't the right track.  It goes against everything that CHRIST died for, and it makes a mockery of my SAVIOR to say that HE wants people to live in sin. I cannot be entertained by that.   ***Sidenote----I am NOT saying GOD doesn't love us each and every one. I am saying GOD HATES sin and HE abhors the sinner--the person who knows they are in sin and continues in it. I know it isn't politically correct to teach on or speak about the wrath of GOD, but there is no other way to learn about the truth of HIS love without knowing about the truth of HIS wrath.

I am so glad she didn't say anything political.....however she has said much with just her lyrics and her stage presence, and I don't like what she has said with that. I don't like her message of empowerment. I certainly don't think this was the worst half-time show ever....it was better than others for various reasons, however I don't like that we have become a generation where the first use of the word "transgendered" at a half-time show means "Awesome entertainment". My heart breaks for the sin that we have allowed to overtake us, and we don't even bat an eye at it. We don't even see it as sin.

We embrace it.
We celebrate it.
We applaud it.
We call it AMAZING.
GOD is heartbroken.

I have children I am trying to raise to be modest, pure, CHRIST followers which may mean they will be outcasts by many, but I am ok with that as long as they are following what GOD has called them to do.

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