May 21, 2006

Is She A Genius???

The other day I was telling my kids a knock-knock joke. It went something like this...."Cole, will you remember me in 2 years?" "Yes" "Five years?" "Yes, ma'am" "Twenty years?" (groan) "Yes Ma'am!" "Cole, knock knock." "Who's there?" "You already forgot me!" The kids thought this was hilarious and were laughing. Jacob immediately asked me to do it to him, so we went through the whole dialogue again with the same results and same laughter. Annalisa has always loved knock-knock jokes...just ask her she then asked me to do it to her. I went through the same dialogue and got to the "knock knock" part when she answered me with "Hi, mom!" instead of "Who's there?" I was cracking up laughing at her genius mind at work. She was determined to not have the same answer as her boys, and I was amazed that she figured it out all on her own!

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Wonderful Windy said...

She is a genius and she says it in such a Sassy way!