August 2, 2006

Cardinal's Baseball

On Tuesday July 18 we went to the Cardinal's Baseball game at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Because we had been traveling all night and then taken a riverboat ride followed by a trip to the top of the Arch, by the time we got to the game we were all beat! Our seats at the Cardinal's game were in the bleacher seats because they were sold out, and Ben had to order the tickets from someone who already had tickets. It was very hot weather for St. Louis, but not something I couldn't deal with---96 degrees. I, however, was so very tired I fell asleep on Ben's shoulder and one of the attendants at the park came to check on me to make sure I wasn't passed out from heat stroke! I was barely even sweating, I was just exhausted! We got lanyard's with a plastic thingy to hold our tickets in, and the kids were very excited about getting a "gift". They shared a sno-cone before the game, and we ate pretzels with freak show cheese for supper---really healthy! We left at the 7th inning stretch because everyone was so tired, and the Cardinal's were losing. We also got to see the Cardinal's play again in Colorado, and they lost there too.


Wonderful Windy said...

I did look at your postings several weeks ago and I thought I made a comment but I guess I am slipping up. Sorry... I still love you though. I am glad you all had a good vacation but I am glad you are back, Even though I haven't seen you since you have been back it just makes me feel better to know I could if I wanted to..

Caci said...

awwww.....I feel better knowing I will see you tomorrow! You better NOT put green makeup on me!!