August 19, 2007

Outdoor Mall

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Well, the kids and I have had about 4 days of working in the house and garage, and today I got the "I'm bored", I thought I would take them over to the outdoor mall for some fun in the water! When we first got here we found this neat spot and noticed that a lot of parents bring their kids out in their swimming suits so they can play. Today seemed like as good a day as any, so about 2:45 we put on swim suits and loaded up the car. We were there by 3:00 and the playing commenced. Well, Cole only lasted about 3 minutes total! He said it was freezing, and he was right! Every time Annalisa would come close to me she would twirl around, slinging freezing water off of the end of her ponytail onto me! It was overcast, but still a warm day. I could compare it to running through the water sprinkler in Texas in December. Warm enough outside to wear shorts, but the water feels like it is running through the freezer. Annalisa and Jacob played until I made them stop--due to blue lips--at 3:30. Jacob was still pouting about having to stop when at about 3:33 the wind picked up and we could tell it was about to rain. We got to the car and at 3:35 it was pouring down rain! I guess it was a good thing they were already soaked. All in all it was a fun half hour for 2 of my kids....Cole sat on the bench and watched from a distance, not brave enough to go back in. Jacob loves water so much it doesn't matter to him if it is cold or not! Annalisa would run through, come over to get dried off and warmed up, then go back for some more! I think we are all gonna really love being here, because there was no where in Longview or Kilgore to do something like this on a Sunday afternoon.....the boredom was abated and now they are chasing each other through the house playing tag!

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Wonderful Windy said...

Looks almost like ice in the pictures. I am sure they had a lot of fun! If you keep getting $250 from the airlines then you can fly me to see you soon.