December 26, 2007

Sledding With Dad and Lynn

Dad and Lynn....Peepaw and Granma....came to visit us for Christmas. They got here late (midnight) Thursday (Dec. 20) night, so I sent Ben to pick them up from the airport while the kids and I slept. The kids didn't know they were coming, so Peepaw and Granma woke them up for a minute when they got to our house and told them "hi!". When Annalisa woke up on Friday morning she told me that she had dreamed that Peepaw and Granma had come to our house and her prayer was answered....she had been praying for them to come see her for Christmas. I then took her out to see that they really were here, and she was so happy! On Friday it snowed pretty hard and was very cold, so on Saturday we woke up and went sledding! The kids had a blast, but I think Dad and Lynn had just as much fun, if not more. Below is a video I put together of them sledding. At one point Cole is sledding towards a tree, then turns and continues down the hill. We finally got Jacob to do some sledding, and you can see him at the end sled over a ramp that was made by some other kids. I am glad he finally had fun on the hills. I will write again soon about Christmas, but enjoy this video for now!

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