December 2, 2007


This year for Thanksgiving, we were much further from family than we usually are. The only other time we have been far away was when we lived in Washington. The kids knew that Nana, Papa, and Susan were coming and had been anxiously awaiting their arrival for weeks. They got here on Thanksgiving afternoon, and were here in time for snow! We spent 3 days with them and it was a blast. The kids got to do their Christmas shopping on Friday and we all got our Christmas tree on Saturday. Ben and I even enjoyed a date night on Saturday while Nana, Papa and Aunt Susan took the kids ice skating. We all watched Enchanted, which is a GREAT movie! I hope they stayed warm enough because it snowed most all of the day on Friday, even though that wasn't in the forecast! They left on Sunday afternoon to head down to New Mexico to visit Jamee, Jason, Kate and Josh. I am glad they got to be here with us for worship on Sunday morning, though because that was an important time for Ben to share with his family. I am very glad they made the trip and came to see us! Annalisa cried when they left...she already missed them, but a visit from Uncle Bub that evening got her spirits up again. Jeffrey surprised me by coming in with John on Friday night (the day after Thanksgiving). I really had no idea he was coming, but I knew John was, and Jeffrey's phone call to me Saturday afternoon got me very suspicious! A few minutes later....after Melissa lied to me (I am thinking about forgiving her, but I am still not decided yet) they showed up at Wal-Mart and I got a great big bear hug from my favorite brother! Jeffrey and John came over and let me cook dinner for them on Sunday night, then me and Jeffrey, John and Melissa all went to the movies Monday night to watch The Mist....not scary at all, but it was filmed on Cross Lake so we couldn't miss it. It was a really fun time and I am so glad I got to see Jeffrey! On Wednesday of last week I had to fly to San Diego for a Canon event for work. It was really nice there and warm. I had an appointment at the spa on Thursday and I got a 50 min. full body massage....nice! Then I got to spend the day outside in the hot tub reading my book. It was very relaxing. I flew home Thursday night and saw snow on the ground when we tropical vacation was short but sweet! It has been a good past couple of weeks, and I look forward to the Christmas season when we will see more family!

P.S. I asked the kids to write their Christmas wish lists and my favorite thing was on Jacob's list...he asked for super powers. When I asked him which one he said he didn't care, he would take any! Then Melissa told him if he got the flying super power he would have to take her for a flight, he looked at her and very seriously said, "Then I would need super strength." My boy isn't going to get too many dates with that kind of honesty!!


Michael said...

Cool! I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving and a good trip to CA.

Wonderful Windy said...

Sounds like everyone had a good visit! I am glad you guys had some company and got a date night! I can't wait until Christmas!

mwn1853 said...

This is ridiculous. You've had no new comments for over 2 weeks. Let's get with the program and quit falling behind.
You don't want me to ground you, Little Girl.