April 20, 2010

God Is Moving

It has been really hard for me to sit down and blog about anything.  There is so much going on with us, I am not even sure I know what I want to share! Since I enjoy giving updates on my children, I will start there.  On the Friday before Spring Break Annalisa's class at school hosted a Fairy Tale Ball.  The kids had been studying a unit on Fairy Tales, so they wanted to end the unit with a Ball.  They spent several weeks learning how to waltz with a partner, and they were very excited.  It was a day that they could dress up really nice and have a lot of fun. Annalisa was very excited about her daddy going to the ball because she knew there would be 2 dances that she could choose her partner for.....and she wanted to choose him!  All I know is she was BEAUTIFUL that day, and she danced great!  She was all smiles as her daddy walked out on the dance floor to waltz with her....he did add a few twirls and a dip at the end, too!  She LOVED it!
The kids had Spring Break the last week of March, and although we really wanted to go to Texas we were not able to.  The kids and I spent the days playing games and taking walks.  We also had to make sure and keep the house pretty clean for all of the showings we were still having.  Jacob was able to start his occupational therapy that week (he had been on a waiting list since last June!), and I have been so impressed with his willingness to try new, different foods since working with his therapist!  He is really benefiting from those sessions!
At the beginning of March Ben's dad sent Ben's resume to a church in Nash, TX, and they called us at the beginning of April saying they would like to meet us to see if Ben would be the right fit for their church (as a worship pastor).  We packed up the car and took a 2 day (18 hour) drive to Texarkana to meet them.  We really enjoyed being there, and we made some new friends, but they called after we got back and said that we were not what they were looking for. Even though it was confusing and disappointing, it's ok!  We definitely don't want to be there if that is not where God wants us! The kids had fun swimming at the hotel.....so they kind of got a mini-vacation out of the deal!
While we were in Nash, I apparently picked up a stomach bug of some sort because I woke up on Tuesday throwing up and continued to throw up for 7 hours straight....in the car!  Before we left the hotel, Ben went inside and asked them for a "bucket". They gave him an old ice bucket with a plastic bag in it.  He then went to the gas station next door and procured several more plastic bags and then gave them to me to use!  I must say that I am glad we made it home that day, but seriously--being sick in the car is NO FUN!!!  Thankfully none of my kids got the bug....Ben had a little sickness the day after we got home, but that is it.
During all of this time, Ben has had very little to no work.  His workplace has made some decisions concerning their employees and that has left Ben with no jobs, so he has been calling other people to see if he can work for them when they have jobs. It has been a VERY TOUGH month for us in all ways, but God is good!! Yesterday we got a call from our realtor letting us know that our house is under contract, and they want to close in 25 days! WOO HOO!  I only pray that FHA will move that quickly!  Also, I pray that the inspection and appraisal go well, and we can get moved soon.  For now our plan is to move down to Riverside next door to Ben's parents until Ben can get a job somewhere and we feel like we know where we would like to live.  That is the stressful part!  We have no idea where God wants us at this point, and I am being a stubborn child by asking Him to reveal it to us before school starts next fall! I would like for Cole to finally get to a place where he can stay until he graduates, but that may not be part of God's plan for our family!  Please pray with and for us over the next few weeks as we get our house sold and look to God for answers that may not come just yet.


Caci said...

Hey! Yes I do pronouce my name K.C. And yes I do follow Homemaker's blog...cute stuff. I your blog has encouraged me to re-evaluate my walk with God. Thank you for that! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Dr Eva said...

Yes, it has been eventful for all of you. I will continue to pray for you guys. So does that mean you guys will be in Texas? Do his parents live in Kilgore?? I'm getting just a little excited over here. ;)