March 21, 2010

New Projects

I have been knitting almost every evening.....I find it very relaxing and fulfilling. There is a sense of accomplishment each time I finish a project and know that I am able to gift it to someone.  I have made several new projects over the past few weeks and I wanted to share pictures of them with you:

Here is my first baby blanket.  It was very easy to knit and it ended up being very soft and comfy. My kids love it!!
Here are a few new dishcloths I knitted for my MIL's birthday:

And on this dishcloth (I already posted a picture of it previously) I had a friend add a crocheted border:     
Next, I learned how to make these cute little scrubby thingies to use when washing dishes:
And I finished up another scarf:       
Finally, the latest project to be completed in our house was not completed by was Cole's.  A few weeks ago Cole drew a picture and entered it in a contest at school. The contest was for this: 3 music stands were going to be donated to the school for a fundraiser. One 6th, one 7th, and one 8th grade student would be chosen to paint a music stand for the fundraiser. Cole's picture was chosen.  He was very excited until it came down to the actual painting of the stand! He never thought far enough ahead to realize that he had never painted anything and we had no idea where to start!  We have a friend from church who is a professional painter and he got us started with primer, paints and brushes.  Cole finished up the stand tonight, and it will be raffled off at the fundraiser on Tuesday night. Here are a couple of pictures of the finished project:
I think he did a really good job!


Jamee said...

WOW on everything your doing an amazing job on your knitting and Cole that is unbelievable !! super job- ya'll have one talented family

Windy Smith said...

I can't wait to get my dish clothes when you come back to me, I mean Texas! I should have a big stack by my birthday!=) Cole's painting looks awesome! I have never been able to paint like that! He must have a steady hand and lots of patience!

Janette said...

First of all, I love your new blog look! Secondly, I'm totally impressed with all of your knitting projects. If you were still close by, I'd ask you to teach me!! :) And third, Cole's music stand is crazy good!! :) I'm seriously impressed!

Mike said...

I love Cole's music stand design. He did a fabulous job!!

jacqueline said...

wow...i should learn how to is great!good job~

Caci said...

You are the only person I have ever seen that's name is spelled the same as mine!!!! Your knitting is amazing too!