August 26, 2010

My Homework Assignment

Cole came home from school with a letter from his teacher stating that since the kids would be doing homework soon "fair is fair so we would like you to write a paper for us."  It went on to talk about how parents know their child best, and then it said, "in a million words or less tell us about your child at Mance Park Middle School."  So, I wrote about my child only to be informed by him this morning that I did it wrong!  "Mom, you were just supposed to write about if there is a certain way they need to teach me or anything special they need to know about me. Now the teachers are going to think I am a dork."  He was very disappointed, but since it was 7 am and the paper was due today, I was not going to re-write it.  Besides, the letter I got said, "tell us about your child."  It didn't say anything about "special needs" or learning styles.  Below is the paper I wrote that Cole was so embarrassed about.
We Call Him Cole
I have the great privilege, honor and blessing of being mother to one of the greatest students you will have this year!  His name is Timothy Cole Newton, and we call him Cole.  He is named after Timothy in the Bible (who Paul loved like a son), and the Tom Cruise character Cole Trickle in Days of Thunder.  In the winter of 1997 when we found out we were going to have our first child, we decided to wait until the birth to see if our baby was a boy or a girl.  We were so happy when our firstborn son arrived in the early hours of the morning on August 20, 1998. 
From the moment of birth Cole has been a rule follower.  It is only more recently that he is beginning to test the waters and be more daring.  He has always enjoyed and excelled at school, but due to several school changes in his life he is facing this school year with much trepidation.  Cole has a big heart, an infectious smile, and a witty sense of humor.  He is kind and caring, but doesn’t want to seem too soft.  He is very concerned with doing the right thing and not getting in trouble, however he doesn’t always speak up for himself if he is being wronged. 
Cole is an amazing athlete and musician excelling in baseball, guitar (acoustic and bass), and trumpet with a few years of violin under his belt too.  Drawing is also a talent of Cole’s and an outlet for him when he is bored or unsure of what to do.  An avid reader, Cole finished all of the Harry Potter books prior to 6th grade, and he continues to read for pleasure when he isn’t reading for coursework.
 Being the oldest of 4 children puts a lot of responsibility on a child, and Cole handles his well. He is a typical brother to his siblings but helps out whenever needed around the house.  Cole is a “homebody” and would rather stay home reading or drawing than go to a store or out somewhere, unless that somewhere is a baseball game!
At the beginning of the summer we moved back to TX from CO where we had lived for the past 3 years.  In CO Cole was in the EDGE program at Horizon Middle School.  Only 32 students were accepted into the program based on grades, standardized test scores, teacher recommendation, and student interview.  He did very well in this program and he needs to be challenged in his school work so he doesn’t get bored. 
I hope that your interactions with Cole this year help you to learn about his personality, character and heart as well as his intellectual abilities.  I hope to see him grow and mature socially and academically under the care and guidance of his teachers at Mance Park Middle School.

So, what do you think?  Did I do a really horrible job, and will this scar my 12 year old son for life?  He was especially horrified by the first sentence! Either way, it doesn't really matter....the paper has been written and turned in!


Mike said...

I think you answered all of the criteria....about him, his learning style, his challenges, etc. He's just 12 and no matter what you wrote it would be WRONG! ROFL

Anonymous said...

This is just wonderful! One day he will look back at this and go "Wow! My Mom thought I was great. AMAZING!"

Janette said...

Wow, Caci, I can't believe you embarrassed your son like that by writing all of those things about him! ;) (*said in sarcasm) Actually, that was awesome and I agree that you did the assignment just like you were supposed to!!