July 24, 2006

Shake, Rattle and Roll!

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Six Flags Denver (Elitch Gardens)with Melissa, Peyton and Emily. We had a BLAST!! We did the waterpark first--which was a bit crowded and a tad bit cold, but still loads of fun! After we got wet and the sun was going down, we hit up the amusement park. We stayed in Kiddie Land for about 3 hours and let the kids ride all of the kiddie rides. It was so much fun to watch them. I will post pics of that later, but for now this post is about MELISSA'S RIDE! While we had been in the waterpark, Ben went to scope out the amusement park. Melissa had been telling us earlier about the types of rides she likes---puke rides!! So Ben told her he had found her ride! After Kiddie Land he took us over to see it, and he was right---it was all for her! She is on the front row in a white shirt with no one beside her. She was screaming the whole time and her girls were down with us waving at her. I know she had fun. She had to get her $15 out of the trip and ride an adult ride while she was there! The only problem she had after getting off the ride was when Ben told her to look up to she the Tower of Doom ride--when she looked up she fell backward and started laughing. She was very disoriented! Have fun viewing!


Michael said...

I'm surprised you could even watch that ride without puking.

Caci said...

You know me too well! Ben did the videoing so I didn't have to watch too closely!

Melissa said...

What a bunch of sissies! Jeffrey where are you when I need you?