July 17, 2006

Swim Parties!

Jacob's birthday is in February which is not an ideal time for swimming! Being the water lover that he is, he has always wanted a swim party for his birthday, so this year we did not give him a party in February. We waited until July so he could swim. The parties were very last minute because when we went to Dallas for Emma's party we realized that we would probably not be going back to the Dallas area again before school starts, so we had a swim party for Jacob at Peepaw and Granma's. Thomas, Sarah, Uncle Robert and Aunt Gwen came to swim with Jacob and he had a blast! After we left Peepaw and Granma's house we went to Nana and Poppa's so Jacob could swim there too. He was very excited about 2 swim parties! We are hoping to have one more swim party at Windy and Bubba's house (in case you haven't figured it out we are just hitting up all the people with pools!!) so Jacob can swim with Blake and Carter. We have had a lot of fun so far, and maybe next year more people can come and swim with Jacob during the summer!
Sunday, July 9, 2006

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Melissa said...

Looks like a pretty sweet swim party. We will definitely hit our pool while you're here.