July 6, 2006

They Got Hitched!

Well, Aunt Renee married Uncle Rowland....AGAIN!...this past Tuesday. I was very happy to be there, and I got to video the wedding from the vows to the end. After the wedding we had delicious cake, wonderful coffee punch (made by Brin), and tasty chicken salad. Apparently the cake and punch will also be served at Brin's wedding and this was just a "trial run" for her! Glad it went well! After that we went behind Mamaw Duckworth's house to the pond and had a skeet shooting contest (which Megan forced me to be a part of, and I looked like a fool), fishing contest, and a homemade ice cream contest. Brin won the skeet shooting contest (she hit 10 out of 10), and I believe she won the ice cream contest also. So she got a rifle and $50. Wow! We ate bar-b-que and listened to some good ole' live country music. It was a lot of fun! We didn't stay for the fireworks because we had to drive home, but I am sure they were very pretty! Thanks Aunt Renee and Uncle Rowland for the good time on the 4th of July! Have a great marriage!

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