May 10, 2007

Jacob Monster

So, my week has not been good....anybody figured that out yet??? What I didn't tell you when I chronicled last Friday-Tuesday was what was going on with Jacob Aaron. Last week I was in Vegas, and on Wednesday Ben had a flat tire on the way to pick the boys up from school. He was pretty late picking them up, but had called the school to let them know what was going on. Apparently during the time the boys were waiting Jacob decided to play on the computer that the school uses to "check-in" parents or tardy students. After he had been asked to stop, he continued and this resulted in a write-up and a trip to the principal's office~~which Ben and I only found out about because we received a copy of the write-up in the mail. Apparently the principal conferenced with Jacob and told him not to play with the computer anymore and to follow other teachers' directions. I was a bit upset that my 1st grader has already had his first trip to the principal's office, but was sure it wouldn't be the last. True to my expectations, he not only got written up again this week, but also got ISS (in school suspension). Wow! Add that to my already horrible and stressful week, and you have Caci--a basket case who can't stop crying and has a migraine that is making her nauseus! I am not a really fun person to be around this week. Jacob was playing on the playground and his story is that another boy was infiltrating their "club" and hurting other students, so Jacob felt the need to annihilate the boy. He put his hands on his shoulders (close to his neck, mind you) and began pushing him. The other boy bit Jacob on the finger. When sent to the principal's office, Jacob refused to show her what he did, so the other boy showed her that Jacob choked him so hard he couldn't breathe. Jacob denied doing that but still would not show her what actually did happen (typical Jacob) and earned ISS. The other boy, I hear, got to go back to class because he was "just defending himself". Ummm...since when is biting an appropriate form of defense? Don't we teach them from about 1 year on not to bite? And if it is a SCHOOL RULE that you have to keep your hands to yourself...the rule Jacob broke thus earning him ISS....wouldn't it also follow that you should keep your teeth to yourself? I'm not saying Jacob didn't deserve ISS, I am just wondering. If you remember last year, Jacob forged his dad's signature on a note sent home, this year we have two office referrals and ISS. What will the future bring???


Patti said...

If Jacob got ISS for pushing, choking or whatever he did, maybe we need his principal on our campus...Roger would possibly be in prison by now where he belongs.

Michael said...

Amen, A. Patti!

On the other hand, if Ben was on his way to pick the boys up, then I am assuming that school was out. So, not only was Jacob sent to the principal's office, but he managed to do it when school wasn't even in session. I don't think I've heard of anyone quite that skilled in the art of disrupting an educational institution. :)

Caci said...

yes, Michael, when I first heard of Jacob being sent to the principal for something that happened after school I was pretty upset. He had earned a "check plus" for conduct that day, but his teacher changed it to a "check" because of what happened after 4, thus making it impossible for Jacob to participate in Fabulous Friday (you have to earn a "check plus" every day to participate). I did write her a note about how I felt about that.

Wonderful Windy said...

well you can just expect to have many
"funny to look back on" stories to put in Jacobs baby book...I am just glad I am not the only one with children that do things like that.