May 13, 2007


After months of having two loose teeth, Jacob finally lost them last night. It was not an easy feat, though. I had to hold him down while Windy pulled the first one, and then he worked on pulling the second one for a full 45 minutes before I said that was enough and just jerked it out. He looks totally different now and feels better too. The teeth were hurting him because the adult teeth behind them were already pushing through. He did say that he doesn't want to go back to school until the other teeth grow in, but I told him he can't miss that much school!!


Wonderful Windy said...

Well that version is the very abridged one. What she left out is all the screaming and moaning and almost hyperventilating and that was before they came out. After the first one came out we gave him a breather since he had worked up quite a sweat. Then we tried some bribery and that seemed to get him calmed down and then he was determined to do the 2nd one himself. He freaked out by the sight of blood and I think they were a little sore because he left them in for so long. Over all I think it was about atleast a good 2 hour ordeal. Jacob you look so good! no more Rabbit

Caci said...

that is true, Windy! There was a LOT of screaming!