September 30, 2007

For Michael

The following information is about the show Psych, which shows on USA on Friday nights. I find it interesting that this show--which, according to Michael, "stinks like steaming dog turds wrapped in burnt hair" was the #1 show in ALL of cable last year. Wow! I guess A LOT of people like dog turds wrapped in burnt hair, because the number of viewers continues to grow, and the show made USA the #2 network in all of television. I understand Michael that you would never even give the show a chance now that you have been so vocal about how bad it is, but that doesn't mean the show is as bad as you say it is. Tag---you're it!

"We are thrilled to bring PSYCH back for a third season," said Wachtel. "The series has been a critical and ratings sensation since it premiered last summer and continues to gain new viewers and grow its fan-base."

PSYCH has been a ratings success since its debut in the summer of 2006, becoming last year's #1 new show in all of cable. The ratings accomplishments have continued through this summer. Along with its Friday night companion series MONK, PSYCH led USA to win the summer on Friday nights in P25-54 and P18-49. PSYCH is currently averaging 4.6 million total viewers, 2.3 million in P25-54 and 2.1 million in P18-49, with a 3.4 household coverage rating in the first half of the show's second season. PSYCH has been the #1 series on cable in its timeslot for the summer, beating its competition by 126% in P18-49 and 120% in P25-54 as well. PSYCH made USA the #2 network in all of television second only to ABC during its time slot.


Michael said...

First of all, what you said and what you quoted are two different things.

You said, "...the #1 show in ALL of cable last year."

They actually said, "...#1 NEW show in all of cable...[and] #1 series on cable IN ITS TIMESLOT FOR THE SUMMER."

Emphasis was added by me, but the point is that it is not the #1 show in ALL of cable. It was the #1 show on Friday nights during the summer (which by the way is the least watched night and season of TV, so there's no real competition).

The reality is that Psych is not even in the top 15 cable shows (overall) according to Nielsen ratings, but guess what's number 4. That's right, my highly recommended, favorite show of the summer: Burn Notice.

Sure, Psych gets enough viewers to stay on the air on Friday nights in the summer, but then again, they have to put something on the air.

Melissa said...

Ok, first I'm done talking about this. Obviously Caci we have gathered if not with this comment, but with all the other comments that your brother likes being a smart ass. Yes, I said it....think what you want! So, lets just all agree to disagree. Not about the smartass comment, because we all know that is true, but about the fact Michael has poor taste. Now lets all go on our merry way.