September 27, 2007

My Jacob

Jacob is such a fun, sweet boy! I just love watching him think, and I love watching him interact with other people. He is very sociable, and he has been doing so well since we moved here to Colorado. He hasn't gotten in trouble at school at all, and he is having fun playing outside with friends every afternoon until at least 7 pm when I MAKE him come inside! He told me the other day that he likes it here because he didn't have this many friends in Kilgore. It makes me happy to see my kids happy, so I am very glad that Jacob is liking it here. He is also going through a stage of minding really well and saying, "yes ma'am" when I ask him to do something....I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Cole is staying in trouble for his bad attitude, disrespect and bossiness, so Jacob wants to stay out of trouble! He's no idiot!! That is fine with me, though because when he acts nice and minds me it makes my life that much easier! He has been rollerblading, skateboarding, riding his bike and playing football lately. I still can't get him to eat anything green (for the simple fact that "it tastes green"....whatever green tastes like!), but he is telling me a lot more lately "that was a good supper, mama". I like to hear that! Yesterday when he was getting ready for school he decided he wanted to wear his "cowboy" clothes that he got from Nana and Poppa for Christmas. I thought he looked handsome, so I took some pics of him. He does tuck his pants into his boots, though for the simple reason that he thinks the boots look cool and he wants to be sure everyone can see them! This morning he was so proud of himself for getting up and getting dressed without me having to ask him 1,000 times (Jacob is LAZY in the mornings!!!)....he came down with the biggest grin on his face (that means "mom, tell me how proud you are of me") and he was wearing the same exact clothes as yesterday!!! I grinned, told him I was proud of him for already being dressed, but explained that he couldn't wear the same shirt as yesterday. He only pouted for a minute, then let me give him another shirt to wear....and he still looked like my handsome little (no, big! ) 7 year old!

Note to Michael: My boys still button their shirts all the way to the top because that is how they like it! I try to unbutton the top button, but they will not have anything to do with that!


Michael said...

They must've learned that from PeePaw. He's the only other guy that I know that always has his shirts buttoned all the way to the top.

Wonderful Windy said...

Jacob, I think that you look like the most handsome cowboy that I have seen in a while! you are getting so grow up looking! Maybe you should teach Cole some good manners! I am glad that he is getting in some trouble aren't you!

Blake and Carter also button their shirts all the way up and I have know idea why...I always ask them if they feel choked but they never do! I think it is just a little boy thing!

Patti said...

Jacob has grown and he is very handsome in his western wear. Annalisa's room is beautiful. She must feel like Cinderella.
Don't you wish both boys would go through their nice, respectful stages at the same time? Oh,no... that would be too peaceful!