February 4, 2010

Getting Creative

I decided that I didn't want to go out and buy Valentine's Day cards for the kids to give to their classmates this year. I know it is only about $2.00 for a box of them, but I just wanted to make them at home.  After looking up hundreds of handmade Valentine cards I decided on the ones you see below. I got the idea from here: http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/1598273?&si=kids%20valentines  so, as you can see I am not very creative on my own.  I did find my own clip art and use my own font style! Annalisa very much enjoyed putting them together so she could say that she made them.  It was also a fun time to spend with her in the afternoon.  I haven't done Jacob's yet, but they are going to be Transformer themed.  Of course, Cole isn't giving out Valentines this year. My baby boy is growing up!
Here are a few shots of the cards we made for Annalisa's class (if you click on the picture it will open it up larger so you can actually read the cards):  

Annalisa said the one in the middle that says "I dig you" is "just creepy"! LOL She said she CAN'T give that one to a boy! 

Here are some close-up shots of a couple:

I also took Jacob to the dermatologist today to get his hands and feet checked out. They are peeling (only the tips of his fingers--on the palm side) and the bottoms of his toes.  The dermatologist took one look at them and said he must have had a virus in the past few months. She said that is how your body reacts to a virus sometimes. So, once I thought about it I remembered that we had a 12 hour virus go through our house a couple of weeks before Christmas, and Jacob is the only one who never got sick....but I guess he did!  She said to give it a few months and it will go away, but in the meantime we can keep putting lots of lotion on it.  I was happy that he doesn't really have anything wrong with him and that he doesn't require any prescription creams or lotions.  He will be just fine!

And I will leave you with a sneak peek of the scarf I am working on--this is the one Jacob and Annalisa are fighting over. Cole said, "Jacob, are you a boy or a girl?"  Jacob looked at him like "what do you mean?"  Cole said, "that has more pink and purple in it than blue....and the blue that is in it is GIRLIE!"  In Jacob's defense, Ben said he would wear it!


Life with the Akin Clan said...

Your knitting is turning out beautifully! I wish I had the patience for that. And the cards are adorable! I would have done two and said that was enough creativity for me. ;-) Way to go!

Janette said...

Cute scarf!! :) And love Cole's comment to Jacob. :)