February 16, 2010

I'm Addicted!

To knitting, that is!  I have found that I look forward to the time in the evening that I can sit and knit while watching   listening to mindless TV with Ben after the kids have gone to bed. Since I finished the scarf, which was by far my longest (in more than one way!) project yet, I have made 2 dishcloths and a beanie hat for Benjamin.  
Here is the first thing I knitted with a "design" in it--a dishcloth that has already been gifted to someone and is now in use!
After I made this dishcloth, I was still a bit frustrated that it wasn't exactly square because that meant that I still wasn't getting my stitches the right size.  Ben assured me that it didn't matter on a dishcloth, but I still wanted to practice more before making something someone would have to wear.  The next dishcloth I made incorporated 2 colors of yarn--another new technique for me.
On this dishcloth, I was a full 2 inches off on my gauge....it was supposed to be 10 inches square and mine is 8 inches square. Also, if you look closely you can see a full row that has been doubled--obviously I lost count of what row I was on while listening to the mindless TV!  Nevertheless, I decided to venture out and TRY to knit a beanie hat for my baby boy. I followed the 6-9 month size pattern and I must say that when I finished it (it only took me about 4 hours total--2 nights) tonight and put it on his head I wanted to do a happy dance! I did get a high 5 from Ben, and I announced how proud of myself I am!!!

Here is my prize knitting creation --so far!
  And I must say that the baby that is wearing the hat is also one of my prize "creations"!  


Janette said...

I wondered when I saw the title of your post if it was going to be about knitting. :) That is so cool...you're making me want to learn!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beanie hat...and the baby model you found to show it off. ;)

Windy Smith said...

See! I knew you could do it! I love the dish clothes..I might need some of those!

Caci said...

Might? Girl, I have been in your kitchen unable to find a dishcloth! LOL I think I will make you about 6 at least! LOVE YOU!!

Jamee said...

you are addicted- so glad you found a new craft- it is fun to learn new things and with children and staying at home you really need something that is yours that is seperate!!