February 3, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

I am still working on my knitting, and I have completed a dishcloth! YAY! Another project completed always makes me happy.  I am happy with it even though it is riddled with mistakes throughout.  We have already been using it in the kitchen, and I must say it is a very strong dishcloth and much prettier than the ones you can buy at Wal-Mart.  Now I am working on a scarf that 2 of my children are fighting over to be their own!
Here is the dishcloth:
 This is the "back" side--although the design is perfectly reversible!

This is the "front" of the dishcloth: 
As you can tell, my work still needs work! I am still working on getting the stitches the same size so that my projects turn out the right size.  You can see that this dishcloth is not perfectly square, which really doesn't make any difference when washing dishes, but it is the very reason I haven't made a hat yet!  I will be working on one soon, though--Windy!!
I think the pictures and panoramas turned out pretty nice!

And one more thing that makes me smile.....listening to my kids play together. As Cole and Jacob were wrestling with each other last night I heard this:
"JACOB! You can't just jump on people's backs! You have to ease on!"
"I did!"
"No, you didn't! You weren't graceful like a gazelle....you were wreckless like a hippo!"


Windy Smith said...

That last part made my milk almost come out of my nose! That is so funny!

Windy Smith said...

And I watched the virtual tour of your house and it looks great! Very nice and clean!