February 12, 2010

This Is What Happens....

When you let a 7 year old girl fill out her own Valentine Cards:
I saw this and couldn't help but giggle!  I remember being 7 and having "fights" with my friends. I think it was at least once a week that I came home and told my Dad that Olivia wasn't my friend anymore.  Of course, she was--we were BEST FRIENDS, but we were girls! Every little thing could be made into a BIG deal!  I think it is funny to see my little girl acting the same way sometimes (not because I think it is funny for her to be ugly, but because I think it is funny that people aren't really that different), but when I read this note, I actually read:

"Don't worry...I haven't forgotten what you did to me, but I am going to be the bigger one here and say it's ok."  
Really?  What a Valentines Card...reminding someone that they hurt your feelings, but being sure to tell them it's ok too!  LOL  
Don't worry...we made a new one to give to her!

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Janette said...

Hilarious!! I would've totally been laughing too. :)