April 3, 2006

Hey Jimmy, Look What Ben Got!

This post is for Jimmy. We have some friends whose last name is Johnson. The dad's name is Don. So, our kids refer to their family as "The Don Johnson's". As in, "Are we going to the Don Johnson's house for dinner?" Well, Don is a really good worship leader, and he played for Paul Baloche on his new CD. Cool, right? Well, Don wanted Ben to go with him to the Worship Leader's Conference, so he signed them both up. Paul's concert was Friday night to launch his new CD, and Don really wanted his family to go to the concert. The only problem was that it was $10/ticket and Don has 7 kids! Since Don and Tanya hardly ever get to go out because it is hard to find someone who wants to watch 7 kids, Ben and I offered to babysit for them while they went to the concert. We were watching 10 kids on Friday night, and they had a blast at the concert. Paul recorded a message for Don's kids telling them he missed them and it was really cool. Also, Don was very excited that the Vice President for Integrity music listened to his music at the end of the concert. When they got to the Worship Leader's Conference on Saturday Don introduced Ben to Paul as his bass player, so all day Paul would call Ben "hey guy" or "bass player." Ben didn't care. He said it was awesome to be in a room full of worship leaders and that Paul did a great job leading. Don bought Ben the book that is pictured here on the condition that Ben would get Paul to sign it. Paul did and he wrote "thanks for baby sittin' " so that Don and Tanya could go to the concert! Ben says the book is awesome, just in case you were wondering!


Jim Hatcher said...

Well, I am officially jealous. I think Paul Baloche is incredible (and so is his wife Rita). For those of you who don't know Mr. Baloche's music, he wrote:
Open the Eyes of My Heart
Above All (made famous by Michael W. Smith)
Offering of Worship (my favorite)
So, anyway, I'm officially jealous.

Caci said...

my favorite is Offering of Worship also, but it took Ben a while to "feel" it!!