April 22, 2006

No Candy for Easter????

Today while I was at Windy and Bubba's house, I was having a nice little conversation with Dawson. He really loves me, and we were talking about life, and ABC's, and counting. I decided I would ask him how his Easter was and how much candy he got from the Easter Bunny. WELL, he told me very promptly that he didn't get candy for Easter.... "Only Blake and Carter got candy." Poor kid! Then he told me he wanted to come live with me. I told him that he surely can come live with me, and I will let him sleep in a sleeping bag in a "campout", AND I will give him candy too! Windy looked at Bubba and said, "She'll only give him candy once!" HA HA! He is a very sweet boy and he sure doesn't need sugar to make him be that way!

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Wonderful Windy said...

yeah yeah, poor kid my foot, what she didn't tell you is that the picture that she posted of him was when that sweet little boy was having a terdy moment!!! Just conveniently left that part out HUH!!!