April 11, 2006

Then and Now

When Annalisa was born, the boys were so excited about having a baby sister that they couldn't wait to hold her and get their picture taken with her. Little did they know that she would later refer to them as "my boys"! They do not like for her to call them that...they constantly tell her they are not "her boys" they are "Mom's boys". I found the first picture as I was looking through some old photos and thought it was so neat how that picture matches the one we took at Christmas of Annalisa and "her boys". We will have to do that pose again in the future!


Wonderful Windy said...

I am pretty sure that in the picture that I have of them that Jacob and Cole are switched. Has Ben been photo shopping again? I love to see how they have grown.

Caci said...

Don't tell all our secrets, Windy!!!! :-)