September 4, 2008

Another Setback

So, even though the court date for our house has been set for the past two weeks, when the attorneys got there today they decided they weren't ready to deal with our case. Therefore, no signature is on our paperwork. They have now moved our court date to Sept. 18th. The bank has said they will accept our offer on the house through Sept. 26th, which means we have to close before then. HOPEFULLY the attorneys will have everything in order by the 18th and can sign the piece of paper they need to sign so we can get a house! We were thinking we would be closed by the end of next week, but that won't be happening.


Wonderful Windy said...

I know this is all very frustrating but it will all work out! Let me know what happens with the FHA thing

Janette said...

Wow, your blog is so professional. I mean, look at you with a "Photos" tab!! :) I'm sorry about your house situation, but at least you have a date when things should get squared away even if it's later than you were planning. :)

Amanda said...

You're gonna be in your new house before you know it!