September 19, 2008


It's hard for me to believe that my firstborn child is growing up so fast! Cole is now in the 5th grade,10 years old and impressing me more and more every day with his abilities. His teacher is making them keep a poetry notebook this year. I think I was in 5th grade when I wrote my first poem. I wrote all through high school, and still have the book with all of my poems in it, but I stopped writing when I went to college. Some of the poems in Cole's poetry books are poems they have to copy, and some are poems they have written themselves. He wrote a poem about Nanny (Ben's grandmother) that brought tears to my eyes. He was glad I was crying because he told me, "Mrs. Alden said our poetry is supposed to bring about emotion in people." This morning he showed me a poem that I thought he had copied from someone else. He didn't. He wrote it on his own. He was supposed to write from the viewpoint of a tree that was close to where he lives. Currently we are living in our pastor's basement and in their backyard is a Blue Spruce, which is what Cole wrote about. I was impressed that he even knew it was a Blue Spruce!

Blue Spruce

I am always blue
As I look upon you
I will remain here
No matter what

I tower above you mortal man
For I will live forever
You can trust me
I will not lie
Or let a secret out
No matter what

You can touch me I will not hurt
I won't flinch I won't cry
I won't even die
No matter what

From seed to birth
I remain here
Until the end
No matter what

I just wanted to share it because I thought the language shows how mature Cole is getting and the thoughts he is able to get onto paper and convey to others. There are more poems that I am sure I will share at another point, but this is the only one I could steal away from him this morning before he left for school!


Wonderful Windy said...

It has surely been a long time since batman! He has always been impressive and I am sure he will show greatness in everything he does. It is fun and sad all at the same time to see them grow up but you should be proud that you have done such a great job!

Janette said...

That poem is beautiful! I don't even think I could write something that good now!! :)